Sunday's Thought of the Day

Matthew 25:14-15
“It will be as a man who is going on a journey called in his servants and entrusted his possessions to them.  To one he gave five talents, to another he gave two, and to a third he gave one – each according to his ability.”
Wonderful parable and as with all of Jesus’ parables, there is a modern day meaning.  A talent was a sum of money in Jesus’ day and therefore the master was entrusting each of the three servants with his property.  He gave them this sum of money, each according to the means he felt they had, out of trust and with no strings attached. They could do as they pleased with the entrusted money.  As the parable goes, the one servant entrusted with five talents and the one entrusted with two talents, invested the master’s money wisely and each doubled the money for the master.  The servant entrusted with one talent feared the master and buried the talent for safekeeping and upon the master’s return, gave him the one talent back.  Sisters and brothers, which servants did justice with the trust that was given to them?  Of course, the two that doubled the master’s money.  This parable is like the kingdom of God.  God created us with love and trust that we would do good for the kingdom and love Him back.  We are also given our life with no strings attached and through our free will we can act as the servants did.  If we are bold and work hard for the kingdom, the kingdom will bear much good fruit and so will we.  If on the other hand, we do nothing with the gifts God entrusted with us, we have done nothing to advance the kingdom or ourselves in the kindgom.  God will reward the good and faithful servant and they will share in God’s joy.  For the one that did nothing, God will tell that person, as the master in the parable told his servant, “You wicked, lazy servant!  Throw this useless servant into darkness outside, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth”.  My dear friends in Christ Jesus, remember the words of St. John in Revelation 3:16, “Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth”.  We are in Christ Jesus and part of the body of Christ; let us remain so.


LORD Jesus, Master of my life, what a privilege it is to have the opportunity to serve You and labor in Your kingdom each day.  May I multiply the gifts given to me for the benefit of Your kingdom, and may the fruits of these gifts be of benefit to others.  LORD, let me fear not You, my Master and LORD, but let me work tirelessly for Your greater glory.  In Your most holy and glorious name, AMEN


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