Saturday's Thought of the Day

Wisdom 19:9, Psalm 105:2-3
“For they ranged about like horses and leapt like lambs, praising You, LORD, their Deliverer.  Sing praise to Him, play music; proclaim all His wondrous deeds!  Glory in His holy name; let hearts that seek the LORD rejoice”.
To me, when you combine a verse from the Book of Wisdom with a song from the Book of Psalms, the message comes to life.  Close your eyes and see the horses galloping in the field as the wind blows their mane and they frolic without a care.  Imagine the lambs leaping with joy and happiness.  These are creations of God, just like we are, but we are made in His image and have an eternal soul, unlike the horse and lamb.   If the horse and the lamb run free and do not worry about material things, who is more content with the grace God bestowed; us or them?  Sisters and brothers, we cannot keep material things for eternity, but our cooperation with the grace of God makes our eternity happy and glorious. The horse and the lamb romping in the pasture is a dim image of eternal life. Let us fast forward to the New Testament for more wisdom as we find in Matthew 6:26, “Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not more important than they?”  Why do we worry about things that are out of our control?  The horse and the lamb do not have control over their lives, yet the LORD provides for them. If so, are we not more important to the LORD….we are made in His image after all!  My verse today ended with a song that exhorts us to “play music; proclaim all His wondrous deeds”.  For ‘someone that provides all we need, shouldn’t we give praise and glory?  Let us look at a modern day example.  What if someone came to you and out of the blue just gave you a million dollars with no strings attached; you could do anything you wanted with it and it was even tax free.   How would you feel toward that person?  Would you give thanks and praise?  Would you think about this gift every day of your life?  Now for the million dollar question? Is your life worth more than a million dollars?  I would not think too long about that answer…you know the answer.  Maybe you should recite Psalm 105:2-3 to reinforce your answer.  Sing loud!  Praise the giver of your life!  Think about Him every day!


LORD God You are a great God and deserve all my love, all my praise and all my devotion.  You who gave me life and made me special in Your image are an awesome God.  Why would I turn away?  Why would I not praise You every day?  There is no good answer or excuse.  Let me sing with my loudest voice from the highest pinnacle all praise to You.  Thank You Father, thank You Father.


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